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Distracted Driving

In 2008, 37% of all collisions were directly caused by distracted drivers. The largest proportion (16%) of these collisions involved young, inexperienced drivers under the age of 20. Under normal road conditions, stopping distance for being legally intoxicated increases by about 4ft. By contrast, reading an email or text message on average increases stopping distance by 36ft – and sending an email or text message increases stopping distance by an overwhelming 70ft.

In a recent study, 89% of American adults believed that texting while driving is “distracting, dangerous, and should be outlawed.” PEER Awareness is a health and wellness company based in Grand Rapids, MI, and we are proud to be residents of the state paving the way for legislation on texting while driving. Senator Granholm signed into law the state’s ban on texting while driving on The Oprah Winfrey Show, giving massive national attention to the serious issue. There are now 22 states which ban texting while driving.


Our brand new Aware-TXT Simulator uses a similar cutting-edge simulation system as our DUI Simulator, but allows students the chance to try to text while driving.


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