Virtual reality teaches teens dangers of texting and driving, helps state rankings 

By Hayley Fixler
A virtual reality simulation program is being used to help teens learn the dangers and risks associated with texting and driving.  John Adams High School in South Bend used the PEERS program Monday, to promote and educate students on safe driving habits.  <READ MORE>

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Teen Drive 365 aims to stop distracted driving  

By Elizabeth Garrison, Sun Sentinel

Texting at 55 mph is like driving the length of a football field ... blindfolded, but many new drivers still do not realize the risks of distracted driving.

Toyota is trying to change that. With new Oculus Rift virtual reality technology, the Teen Drive 365 program has traveled around the United States to spread safety awareness.  <READ MORE>


Teaching a child how to drive safely is an act of parental love — and societal responsibility.

For over a decade, Toyota has been committed to helping teens stay safe behind the wheel. But we can't do it alone. Together, let's create the next generation of safe drivers.

Toyota’s TeenDrive365: Teen Driver Experience

Help your teen gain the confidence they need to stay safe behind the wheel. Join them for a free, instructor-led, behind-the-wheel defensive driving program, which will provide you and your teen the tools to define defensive driving and identify dangerous situations. This program will also teach you about safe driving habits and the impact of distractions on the road.

Toyota’s TeenDrive365: Teen Driver Experience – Mother/Daughter experience.

Parents will also pick up new creative coaching tools, like setting guidelines for the privilege of driving and being responsible on the road.
The program is free to attend, but registration is required. Teens must attend with a parent or guardian and will need to provide their valid learner’s permit or driver’s license. 20 hours of driving is also highly recommended before attending.

Toyota TeenDrive365 - Media Clip ABC 7 News

 coverage for TeenDrive 365 at Ballou High School

Leon Harris & Sam Ford from ABC7 News, Derrik Buttler from Ballou HS, Judy Meehan from NOYS, our TD365 crew and your students all did an amazing job talking about the dangers of distracted driving and Global Youth Traffic Safety Month.  


AT&T and The PEERS Foundation have partnered to provide the AWARE TXT Driving Simulator at events promoting awareness for the dangers of texting while driving.

You may have seen commercials and advertisements for the AT&T IT CAN WAIT campaign.  

You can

This story was featured in the September issue of Campus Activities Magazine and you can read the entire article about the partnership by clicking the button below.​


We are excited to announce that we will be on a national tour with Toyota's Teen Drive 365 program.  Where we will be touring our Aware TXT educational simulator experience to help shed light on the dangers of distracted driving.  Teens and young adults alike will get an opportunity to experience distracted driving scenarios in a real Toyota car utilizing our simulator to help educate and keep safe our nations young drivers.

The Aware TXT simulator has visited over 2700 college campuses, high schools and community events since 2007. The program has been nominated for multiple program awards and was awarded Program of the Year in 2012 from Campus Activities Magazine.  Please take time to find the nearest Teen Drive 365 initiative so that you can protect your new driver with this life saving program.


In an effort to educate American students on various issues of health and safety, the PEERS Foundation is always eager to make partnerships with corporations, coalitions, and other community entities looking to make similar impacts. We believe in partnering for America’s youth.  A better future generation cannot be cultivated by any one group, but by an entire community effort.

For any inquiries, please contact Mike Seymore, Chairman Of The Board, at



Annual KC Auto Show provides fun, one-stop shopping  

Sarah Plake - Mar 6, 2016
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than 500 brand new luxury and economy vehicles packed Bartle Hall for the 2016 Kansas City Auto Show.
Officials say more than 58 percent of people who go to the auto show are looking to buy a car in the next year.  Consumers are able to browse, compare prices, and see the new technology manufacturers offer.  <READ MORE>