The PEERS Awareness was founded in 2008 by Michael Seymore, current CEO of CEP Inc., a leading provider of novelty campus entertainment. With a vision to help the youth of America, he created the PEERS Awareness, a company focused on providing a similar kind of entertainment focused on health and wellness. Michael saw how successful his novelty entertainment company was and decided to bring a positive message to students. With over thirty years in the entertainment business, he quickly built the PEERS Awareness into a strong and successful company.

We at the PEERS Awareness believe that we all have a responsibility to educate today’s youth about the importance of making healthy decisions. Our programs allow students to become part of the experience, impacting them on a level unlike any other on the market. Through realistic simulators and interactive “edutainment,” the PEERS Awareness has been able to reach thousands of students, challenging them to take the initiative to make life-bettering decisions. We are striving to create a stronger, more educated society by starting with today’s youth. The hope at the PEERS Awareness is that our short term educational programs will impact people for a lifetime.

Above all else, the PEERS Awareness is committed to the health and wellness of our country’s youth. We will continue to be the leading innovator, developer, and provider of cutting edge sensory technology. These technologies will be utilized to engage students in a unique and informative way that will result in students making better and healthier choices.

By enabling the next generation to be stronger, smarter, and healthier, we will ultimately reverse the current negative health trends. We are dedicated to developing long term partnerships with organizations which desire to positively impact the youth of America. Our entire team will be focused on exceeding the expectations of our clients.

CEO Michael Z. Seymore